What Is False Eyelash Glue? What Are The Precautions For Using Eyelash Glue?


What is False Eyelash Glue:

False eyelashes can only be glued with special glue for false eyelashes. Other glue is easy to irritate eyes and causes allergies.

False eyelash glue is mainly used to glue false eyelashes, glue artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes, and lengthen and thicken the eyelashes. False eyelash glue is not only used in professional makeup, but also used in daily makeup.

False eyelash glue is divided into black glue and white glue. Black glue can also do eyeliner, white can only glue false eyelashes. False eyelash glue fast drying strong, environmental protection non-toxic, low allergy, does not damage the sensitive skin of eyes. False eyelashes with false eyelashes glue can be readhesive. Remove the glue from false eyelashes when removing makeup.

If false eyelash glue accidentally spills into your eyes, seek medical attention immediately. False eyelash glue is easy to set in cold weather and needs to be well preserved. Eyes are a very sensitive area. If you have sensitive skin, you should do an allergy test before applying false eyelash glue. If you are allergic, stop using it immediately.

How to use false eyelash glue:

1. False eyelashes should be selected to suit their own eye type to successfully enlarge the eyes. The simplest option is to determine the length of your false eyelashes according to the width of your double eyelid. That is to say, the wider the eyelid, the longer the false eyelashes can be, so as to achieve the visual enlargement of the double eyelid and thus increase the tension in the eye.

2. And then is to trim false eyelashes, just buy false eyelashes too beautiful, extremely not natural, should not be stuck intact, must be properly trimmed. When trimming, make sure the false lashes in both eyes are the same shade. You can also cut a false eyelash in half and apply it to the area you want to strengthen, such as the outer corner of your eye or the center of your eyelashes. If you want your eyes to appear close together, just put a section in the middle. If you want to look away, just stick a section on the outer corner of your eye.

3. Paste false eyelashes must be used is false eyelashes glue, false eyelashes glue is mainly used for false eyelashes bonding, false eyelashes glue has black glue and white glue two kinds. Black glue can also double as eyeliner. Eyes are a very sensitive area. If you have sensitive skin, you should do an allergy test before applying false eyelash glue. If an allergy is found, stop immediately.