False Eyelashes Gently Stick, 3 Seconds With Thick Ciliary Eye, Natural Beauty


What kind of girl do you fall in love with at first sight?  I think it is probably like this: a pair of bright eyes, a blink of an eye become classic! I believe that every girl can not resist the temptation of long eyelashes. After all, having a pair of long and warped eyelashes, even without makeup, can also make eyes full of electricity.

The same person, short eyelashes, small eyes, give people the first impression of having eyes without god. But with the help of long eyelashes and eyeliner, you just don't look the same! But Asian women's eyelashes are genetically deficient, and the problem can be divided into three main categories: sparse, short, dull and downward growing.

Most people opt for mascara in order to get long, slender lashes that magnify their eyes. The downside is the hassle of applying and removing makeup every day, as well as the risk of flying legs and awkward makeup. There are more girls who want to "once and for all", will be grafted eyelashes, so that even without makeup, they also have bright and charming eyes. Grafting eyelashes to do a time to spend at least hundreds of dollars, can maintain how long do not say, dip in water after true and false eyelashes will fall together. So we can apply false eyelashes, false eyelashes is also a technical job. We must first apply eyelash glue, blow to the half dry when stuck at the root of the eyelashes.

Are false eyelashes disposable?

Not exactly!  False eyelashes are not only sticky, but can also be used about 7 times, which is more than we usually buy false eyelashes! Although it is sticky, it is easy to remove, just tear off the false eyelashes. There will be no glue residue on your eyes and no damage to your eyelids or real eyelashes.

There are three types of false eyelashes on the market: "cotton black", "clear" and "plastic".

The cotton thread is soft and natural to wear, but this false eyelash is not enough, and the number of times of repeated use is also relatively low, basically wearing a scrap;

while plastic, transparent stem is hard, easy to use, but sticking to the eyes is very uncomfortable, hard will puncture eyelids.

So we should choose the right false eyelashes for ourselves, whether fit, beauty or durability is super OK false eyelashes. It has a good texture in the hand, and it is natural and comfortable to wear it on the eyes and own eyelashes. Even if the state of no makeup does not violate the sense of harmony. Even a single eyelid, small eyes girls wear it immediately God.