How Can False Eyelashes Distinguish Mink Hair From Fibrous Hair?


How many false eyelash shapes are there?

1. [point cluster] see the name can guess it, the root of this eyelash is very small, a small piece inside can have three or four eyelashes, looks like a cluster of grass.  Its stem looks like a spot, soft and unsupported, and can only be used to decorate our eyes.

2. [Segmented] Finally, this segmented false eyelashes is also one that many people will use. These false eyelashes have a dozen or two dozen lashes inside each section.  The overall appearance is sparse, but each hair is evenly spaced, just like our real eyelashes.

How can false eyelashes distinguish mink hair from fibrous hair?

1. Scalding with hot water, mink hair is easy to deformation, fiber hair is not easy to deformation.

2. Burn, mink hair has the taste of burning hair, and after burning, pinch it into powder by hand. Fiber has the taste of burning plastic, and after burning, it is like a pimpled pinch not broken.

3. Mink hair is made of a single dense row without fiber neat.

4. Look at the hair scales with a microscope. Mink hair has hair scales, but no fibers.