The Benefits Of Eyelash Curlers


Plastic eyelash curler is better. The plastic eyelash curler is light and easy to carry, but the strength of eyelash curler is slightly insufficient. It is suitable for people who travel and the eyelashes themselves are soft and like natural curl. Stainless steel eyelash curler strength is larger than plastic, gently a clip can make the eyelash natural curl, but can not fold collection, suitable for hard hair, like eyelash significantly curl crowd use.

There are many brands of eyelash curler, to choose the eyelash curler suitable for their curved eyelashes and skills eyelash curler.

The clip should be curved enough to fit your eyes, and the adhesive strip should be flat and even. Don't think that an eyelash curler can go all over the world, eyelash curlers and other beauty props, also have a life span. Of course, we also need good care. The grime of the edge and the rubber pad will make the eyelashes greatly reduced. Step 1: Use tissue paper to clean the mascara or dirt left on the iron sheet of the upper arc of the eyelash curler from the inside out.  STEP 2: Even the lower edge of the iron sheet should be carefully wiped clean. STEP 3: Dip a cotton wand into the eye and lip makeup remover, melt and clean the dirt on the rubber strip, and finally wipe the rest of the metal with face paper again. Note: In addition to cleaning, we should also pay attention to whether the elastic rubber strip in the eyelash curler should be replaced. Sometimes the eyelash curler cannot be curled evenly like a peacock's screen. In fact, it is because the elasticity of the elastic rubber strip is tired or has been cracked.