What's The Use Of Eyelash Curlers?​


What's the use of eyelash curlers?

The clamp attached with the false eyelash glue is convenient for users to hold the false eyelashes to apply glue and paste. Although it is also possible to apply the glue with the false eyelashes, the human hand has the temperature, so the false eyelashes will not stick easily but stick back to the hand, and then the glue will dry and not stick again. And using a clip to hold false eyelashes after glue is more convenient, and not easy to dislocation.

The clip only temporarily raises the lashes, and when the eyes are opened, the eyelids will also cause the lashes to collapse.  Just like going to the barber shop to do hair, after finishing the hair will generally spray hairspray style (with the exception of straight hair), otherwise the hairstyle will be quickly deformed. Even if you use a clip to curl your eyelashes, mascara, it will collapse. If the mascara is applied thickly, it will collapse faster. Here's a good tip: if you're going to use mascara, apply mascara first, wait a few minutes, and when the mascara is almost dry, heat a toothpick or chopstick with a lighter. When a toothpick or chopstick gets hot, push your lashes up like mascara. If you don't think it's cool enough, you can repeat it a few times. This effect is very good, can tube a day. Make sure your lashes look the same at the end of the day as they did when you started.