What's The Use Of Eyelash Curler?


What's the use of eyelash curler?

Eyelash protection, eyelash curler in the middle of the metal contact with the fake hair will be very painful, and the skin of the eye is very sensitive. The silicone pad in the middle is a very human design.

Why should I change the tape on the eyelash curler?  

Long-term use of eyelash curler, rubber will be more or less attached to a variety of eye makeup products, looks dirty, this time we need to clean the rubber.  Use alcohol or a special washing product to make sure the curler is clean. If you use an eyelash curler frequently, it is recommended to gently wipe the surface of the rubber with a clean paper towel after each use, and to wash the rubber once a week.

Does eyelash curler clip have harm every day?  

Eyelash curler every day is harmful to eyelashes, because eyelashes and hair are the same, with a certain degree of toughness and softness. If you use eyelash curler every day, eyelash scales will be damaged to different degrees, and if you use the wrong method, eyelashes will be damaged to different degrees.

Eyelash curler does not curl how to do?

Many girls choose to use the thumb and index finger to fix the eyelash curler when curling eyelashes, but this often not only can not apply good force, there is no way to clip out the curling eyelashes. It is recommended that you use your thumb and middle finger to hold the curler in place so that you can get curly eyelashes.