Can False Eyelashes Be Washed With Water?


Can false eyelashes be washed with water?

Lashes should not be washed with water. There are a lot of bacteria in the water, so if you put it on your eyes after washing, it can cause eye irritation. False eyelashes may fall out if they come into contact with water. Eyelashes are a kind of beauty product. Designed for the eyes, the flapping of lashes presents an elf-like temperament, especially the transparent design, so that the color of bright lashes completely falls on the face. Many fashionable women like to use eyelashes to beautify their eyes. The right way to use them will make the eyes clear and attractive. Eyelashes are very thin and beautiful, but they are very fragile, so pay special attention when using them.

Tips for using false eyelashes

1. When taking out the false eyelashes from the box, gently take them out along the direction of the eyelashes with your finger; remove the makeup to take off the false eyelashes, gently pinch the middle part of the false eyelashes, do not pull two or three lashes down.

2. Clean your eyes thoroughly before using false eyelashes. Oil in the eyes can affect the durability of the glue.

3. Do not wear false eyelashes immediately after glue is attached to the root of eyelashes. Leave for 5 seconds and let the glue half dry before applying it to the base of your eyelashes. It should be firm.

4. Completely remove the glue on the used false eyelashes and neatly store them in the box; be careful not to apply eye shadow, mascara and so on to your lashes.  It gets dirty. It breaks false eyelashes.