Can False Eyelashes Be Washed With Facial Cleanser?


Can false eyelashes be washed with facial cleanser?

1. Remove eye makeup 

Put a small amount of eye makeup on a cotton pad. Use a cotton pad to rub from the root until you see no black mascara. Just wash your face with the cleanser.

2. Wash with warm water 

If it's not a watery mascara, wash it with lukewarm water. Gently apply the right amount of warm water with your hand to your lashes, slowly touching from the root to the sharp area. Mascara will run down your fingertips.

3. Soak the cotton pad in warm water 

Sometimes I don't want to wear mascara. You can dip it in warm water. In that case, the temperature of the cotton will rise slightly. Then cover the eyelashes on the cotton pad and take about 20 seconds. Slowly wipe the mascara from the roots of your hair, clean the crevices, and wash your face.

4. Apply eye cream 

After removing the makeup, take a break before applying the eye cream. It can properly soothe the skin of the eye.

5. Makeup removal techniques 

In order to prevent cat eyes when you remove makeup, you can spread toilet paper under your eyes to avoid running near your eyes.

How to wash false eyelashes?

False eyelashes have become a must-have in makeup. Proper cleaning after applying false eyelashes can extend life. If the mascara is waterproof, follow these steps to wash it. With makeup remover oil, paper towel and water.

1. Apply makeup remover to eyelashes and wait for 1 minute. Please make the mascara and glue as soft as possible. Then gently rub your finger in the direction of your eyelashes.

2. Then press down with the napkin and the black one is squeezed out.

3. I'll put it in the water to wash the oil. Press again with a paper towel. If your mascara is made with clean water, soak it in water for 1 minute. (To be specific, my eyelash stem is a line, which is very soft. Handmade, it won't rot).

4. Hold it in your hands and rub it gently on your palms. It will be coming down soon.

5. Then press it with a paper towel and it's done. You can use it again next time.

6. Let the air dry in a cool place.