Do You Know What Eyelashes Do?


Eyelashes, also known as eyelashes, are the neatly arranged hairs that grow on the eyelid strings. They can block foreign bodies and protect the eyes. Long, curved, dark, flashing and vibrant lashes play an important role in the beauty of the eye shape and overall appearance. Eyelashes have a protective effect. Upper and lower eyelid lashes like a line of guards, arranged on the edge of the eyelid cleft. Eyelashes are the second line of defense for the eyes. If dust and other foreign objects hit the eyelashes, the eyelids will reflexively close to protect the eyeball from foreign invasion.

It has the function of shading, preventing dust, foreign body and sweat from entering the eye and protecting the cornea and eyeball. Eyelashes also protect your eyes from UV damage.

1. The growth principle of eyelashes 

The healthy growth principle of eyelashes and eyebrows, in fact, is the same as that of hair, that is, they are most in need of adequate nutrition, and vitamin A and vitamin D are essential substances for human growth and development, adhering to the vitamin AD compound, that is, commonly known as cod liver oil smeared on eyelashes or eyebrows, can help its growth in the short term.

2. Beautiful eyelashes 

The eyelashes are arranged in a semi-arc. Eyelashes can set off the outline of the eye and add charm to the eye. The upper eyelid lashes are longer and denser than the lower eyelid lashes. With bright black, slightly upturned for beauty, it has become one of the most important facial modification parts of humans, especially females. Therefore, people often use mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash curling and double eyelid surgery; method Beautify the upper lashes.

The lower eyelid lashes are short and sparse and curved downward. Sometimes eyeliner or eyeliner can be used to make up for the lack of thin eyelashes, so as to better show the outline of the eye.