How To Judge False Eyelash Silk Quality Is Good?


Eyelashes are like the tentacles of the eyes. They make the light of the eyes spread endlessly. The long and thick eyelashes can hold the eyes of countless eager eyes. Nowadays, many women use false eyelashes to make their eyes more attractive, and the choice of false eyelashes is particularly important. This is not only related to the beauty of the eyelashes, but also related to the safety of the eye. The merits of false eyelashes can be judged by paying attention to its luster and smell, soft and hard degree...

First, pay attention to the shine and smell of false eyelashes. The dark color is not bright, the smell is not good wool, good wool must be glossy.

Two, look at the curvature and thickness of the eyelashes. Proper false lashes have a natural crescent curl and are thick at one end and thin at the other.  Flat and straight false lashes do not have the beauty of natural curl.

Three, the softness of false eyelashes. False eyelashes that are too soft are not stiff or curved enough. Too hard is not natural beauty. Appropriate should be the hand on the soft feeling, a little harder than people's real eyelashes.

Four, pay attention to its length. From 5 to 12 mm specifications to complete, incomplete specifications of the wool is not natural. The corner of the position to use short hair, long hair in the middle.

It is understood that animal hair can be made into beauty products, but its processing requirements are very strict. First of all, it must go through strict disinfection treatment to kill the bacteria and germs it carries and parasites, which are the source of infection of some consumers.

Eyelash raw material factory said, now some of the high fidelity false eyelashes are made with rabbit hair. If strictly in accordance with the processing procedures, the cost is relatively high, so individual chemical fiber eyelash manufacturers, in order to save costs, will ignore some processing steps, so that the eyelashes there are health risks.