How To Wear False Eyelashes, Stick False Eyelashes Tips?


In our daily life, false eyelashes must be a makeup aid that everyone knows very well. It can improve the color of all our eye makeup painting methods. There are also many ways to use false eyelashes. The effect shown by everyone is also different, so attaching false eyelashes is an important part.

Use medical tweezers to pick up unnecessary pedicles on either side of the lashes.  Remove the lashes slightly to ensure that they don't ruin the design.  Use your fingernail to remove unnecessary glue stains from the root of your eyelashes.  Remove unnecessary transparent stems on both sides of the lashes.  Put your eyelashes on your eyelids and compare the length of your eyes.  If it is too long, cut off the growth.  High and low rough lashes make the eyelash stem more soft. Apply super glue to the roots of your lashes and let it air dry for 10-20 seconds.  We curl our lashes as much as possible while we wait.  One hand holding the eyelashes, the other hand with medical tweezers in accordance with the edge, eye head, eye corner order, stick to the eye above their own eyelashes.  Adjust the angle of view while the super glue is not drying.  Fill in gaps and super glue marks with liquid eyeliner.  Use medical tweezers to clamp the lower lashes into the lower eye edge of the part fixed.  With the eyelashes attached to the top of the eye, the lashes will most likely empty a little to make the eyes look taller.  That completes the basic process of wearing false eyelashes.

A. Cut and trim properly

False eyelashes are a kind of "too short to hold in the hand, too long to wear in the eyes" thing, people's eyelashes on the side of more, shorter on both sides, some of the length of 5mm to 10mm.  If you want false eyelashes to look good, they should not be too long.  They should always be wide enough to fit your eye shape.  In the case of false eyelashes, it is necessary to first clip false eyelashes with medical tweezers and compare them at the root of the eyelashes.  If false eyelashes are longer than their own eyes, they should be cut to the same length and total width as their own eyes, and the end of false eyelashes should not exceed their own eyelashes.  As a result, false lashes should be left a quarter of the way out, or they will be uncomfortable when you close your eyes.

B. Soft false eyelashes

Get the appropriate length, a "C" shape bumpy false eyelash stem, and adhere to 20 seconds up and down.  Slanting false eyelashes is the best way to make them look good to our eyes.  You've certainly experienced the problem of false eyelashes sticking up at the end.  It's not because of the super glue, it's just because the stem is too stiff.

C. Remove oil

Vegetable oils can cause false eyelashes to stay in place, which can be a bit of a challenge if you have oily skin.  Before putting on false eyelashes, use blotting paper to remove vegetable oils from your eyelids or sweep a layer of transparent setting powder over your upper eyelid.  Rating warning: If you want to recycle false eyelashes, then to remove the makeup of the case should not be oil-soluble to remove makeup products, in order to avoid endangering the second round of use.

d. Clip your own eyelashes

Before applying false eyelashes, you should first curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and then apply mascara.  Because your own eyelashes are not false eyelashes curler, in order to better apply false eyelashes, the adverse effects are real, so you need to curl your eyelashes curler before applying false eyelashes, and applying mascara is also likely to help fix the inclination of your eyelashes.

e, count to ten

When we rush to put on false eyelashes, we should tell ourselves that the good stuff is worth waiting for.  Waiting ten seconds for super glue to set can make a big difference in the eventual adverse effects.  If you rush to apply false eyelashes after applying super glue, they will wander around and not stay where you want them to stay.

f, Look down

Most of us put our noses in the mirror and think that the closer we are to the bathroom mirror, the better we can see, right?   Further, that's not true!  A good place to put the bathroom mirror is under your face, where you can see your eyelashes.

g. Apply false eyelashes from the edge of the eye

Use medical tweezers or a false eyelash curler to take the center of the eyelash management, and first stick to the center of the eye root, to facilitate the proper spacing between the eye head and the corner of the eye.

The spacing of three eyelashes is embedded in the eye head to prevent long years of wearing, eyelash stem from beginning to end poking the eye head will be uncomfortable.  Make sure you stick it to the root and keep your eyes open!

h, use a little energy, let the eyelash stem support the eye

Stick to the eye and the corner of the eye, use medical tweezers to clamp the eyelash root to stick to the front end, with a little force to the root of the eye and then fixed, the same as the corner of the eye.  It is possible to use a little bit of support to make the eyelash stem support the eye, which is why many people with inner eyelids, after wearing false eyelashes, the eyelash stem will run out of the eye, is the ability of the eyelash stem and medical tweezers slightly pull the support when sticking.  In addition, use an iron clip to lift and curl the lashes.

i. Cover the gap

The gap between real and false lashes is a problem for many people. Blush takes care of this without having to peel off the retainer. You can only fill in the gaps with a grey-black matte blush, which is less likely to leave any marks and more likely to allow the super glue to dry quickly.

j. Use an eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes together. 

After sticking, you can use your finger to smooth the inclination of your eyelashes, so that it turns upward, and then comb your own eyelashes and false eyelashes together with an eyelash comb.

Finally, it is important to note that you do not have to tear off the false eyelashes immediately when removing makeup, which will involve the eyes and make the eyes loose for a long time.  Second, if the adhesive is not good, so that the real eyelashes stick together, this tear will pull out their real eyelashes.  Third, immediately pull down the false eyelashes random deformation, shorten the frequency of repeated use, heavy once waste.  Be sure to do it correctly!