What Are The Materials For False Eyelashes?​


Material: Now there are a variety of false eyelash materials, in addition to the more popular artificial fiber, there are horse hair and other animal hair, as well as human hair, different animal hair soft and strong degree is not the same, horse hair is relatively stiff, mink hair soft, fox hair for color false eyelashes, there are a variety of flying bird feathers, this normal stage performance with more, the price is usually more expensive, And the best way to apply makeup is human hair.

In addition to the difference in the material of the hair, there is also whether the hair has been sharpened, which is to polish the end of the hair, so that she is as fine as the tip of the real hair. Sharpened eyelashes will be more real and delicate and real, which also has the standard of choosing false eyelashes now. Of course, if you just pursue big eyes and god, this small detail can also be ignored.

False eyelash stem Different eyelashes have different stems and are woven differently.

The cotton string eyelashes are folded in half and tied on the black cotton string. The false eyelashes of this weaving method have better softness, high comfort on the upper eye, and are not easy to unglue. However, the stalk is easy to bend and deform after being torn off, and the reuse rate is low.

The transparent eyelashes are folded in half and tied on the transparent eyelashes similar to the fishing line, which has the best makeup effect. It is convenient to cut bundles of sticks and maintain the original curvature after tearing off. The softness is stronger than that of cotton eyelashes, but the weakness is that it is easier to fall off and curl up.

Woven eyelashes are arranged in flat strips. They are stiff but hold well, giving the strongest set effect.

Generally speaking, cotton thread and transparent stem can be selected in daily life. I prefer transparent stems in daily life, because it is more natural. However, if the eye is prone to edema or swelling, or the eye is easy to tread with false eyelashes, woven stem may be more suitable, because it has the strongest support, while fairies with very sensitive eyelids are not suitable to wear woven stem, and the eye head and tail are easy to poke.

When choosing false eyelashes, remove the stem and wool mentioned above, and also look at the eyelash type, curl, length, and lower lash type.