How Does False Eyelash Farewell Eyelash Shedding Problem?


Our eyelashes are usually thick and stiff, not as exotic as Barbie's curly lashes. If you want to have big eyes like a Bobbi doll, in addition to using thick curly mascara, you should also use makeup to determine your secret to having thick eyelashes and big eyes, so that you can easily get rid of the problem of false eyelash threads and create a more realistic beauty effect.

1.  Makeup on thick lashes: 

1).  Curl eyelash curler: After cleaning the eyelash curler pad with toilet paper, apply pressure and pull it out from the root of the eyelashes upward.

2). Brush incremental base cream: Evenly brush eyelash base cream containing fiber or "dense incremental polymer" to help each eyelash gain weight.

3).  Brush each eyelash with a steel comb: If the fibers are not evenly distributed, gently brush the messy parts from top to bottom with a small steel comb.

4). increase the density of eyelash silk: comb or round brush can use mascara, highlight the thick effect.  Brush from the base of the lashes with a Z-shaped brush.

2. Shape curl eyelashes:

1). Brush your teeth again to make it clearer: although you need to create a super dense effect, you can't produce thick cockroach feet.  Combing eyelashes can have a clear effect like real eyelashes.

2). Brush repeatedly to enhance the effect of makeup: Then take mascara, from the bottom of the lashes to the tip of the lashes, so that the lashes look natural and smooth.

3). Apply an inner lash line: Apply a thin inner lash line at the base of your lashes to fill in the space between your lashes and make them look thicker and thicker.

4). Put your eyelashes into a styling coat: Finally, be sure to put your lashes in a raincoat.  This process not only builds beautiful lashes, but also makes them firmer and visually extra dark.