Eyelash Not Warped How To Do It?


1. Cotton swab curl warped eyelashes

When making up, give oneself eyelash to besmear eyelash cream with the means of zigzag first, then reoccupy lighter the stick among cotton swab burns hot, brush eyelash tail with zigzag brush from eyelash root next eyelash can, eyelash can curl naturally become.

Cotton swab curl warped eyelashes should be noted: 

1). The cotton swab stick in the middle of the cotton swab must be made of wood, because plastic can not make eyelashes stereotype, but will stick plastic glue to their eyelashes, thereby hurting their eyelashes.

2). Cotton swab sticks must be paid attention to.  Cotton swab sticks can't burn open flame, can't burn the cotton swab stick red, only need to use the lighter to heat the cotton swab stick, because it will not burn their eyelashes.

2. Hair dryer curl warped eyelashes 

Many people have met with eyelash clip eyelash, but still can't will become roll become warped eyelash, this is because the eyelash itself in the wet state, such as residual toner or essence, the oil and water is not easy to can make eyelash clip becomes warped, not easy to apply mascara, so eyelash to keep dry, in addition, still can use hair dryer eyelash clip, Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for 10 seconds to warm it up and make it warped.

Attention should be paid to hair dryer curling eyelashes: 

After the eyelash curler is heated by the hair dryer, do not use the eyelash curler immediately, but touch the eyelash curler with your own hand first. To avoid the eyelash curler being too hot to hurt your own eyelashes, or the eyelash curler is not hot enough, it needs to be heated for another 5-10 seconds.

3. The correct use of eyelash curler curling eyelashes 

Many people's eyelash clips cannot make rolls become warped eyelash. This is because with eyelash clip in the right way, the correct use of the clip eyelash clip way generally wants to exert oneself to do STH. From the roots, the upward strength of the light, so that we can make more natural roll become warped eyelash.

4. Apply mascara with skill

When a lot of people brush mascara, how cannot brush mascara roll become warped, brush the eyelash that becomes fly leg finally, whether did you think the method that oneself brushes mascara is incorrect? The correct way to brush mascara should be, brush two to three times is enough. The upper and lower lashes have different brushing methods. The first brush on the upper lashes should start from the root, play a supporting role, the second brush from the middle of the lashes, so that the eyelashes reflect the sense of extension. The lower lashes should start away from the base of the lashes to create a lighter brush.