How To Brush False Eyelashes?


Step 1 to accentuate the depth and charm of the eyes, apply liquid or gel eyeliner lightly to the base of the lashes to enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the eyes.

The second step is to elongate the mascara with the remarkable effect of fine length. Eyelash is a relatively sparse word, can be in sparse place local use cluster false eyelash increases eyelash thick density, with eyelash clip again become warped.

The 3rd step shows z shape brush to besmear eyelash with thick coil becoming beautiful eyelash. When the paste body after waiting for 30 seconds is half dry, brush again go up, make eyelash achieve the biggest thick degree.

TIPS: Gently brush the lower eyelashes vertically, and then straighten out the bond with a clean disposable eyebrow brush. In order to avoid fainting and dyeing, you can put a small card behind your eyelashes, so you don't have to worry about getting mascara on your skin.

Step 4 If you need to maintain your makeup for a long time and don't want to become "panda eyes" because of sweat and tears, waterproof mascara and eyeliner products are essential.

TIPS: When using mascara, be sure to pay attention to the amount of dipping, and wipe the excess cream of the brush head with a clean paper towel before brushing and applying eyelashes, and try to keep the brush head clean, so that it can be good to avoid too much mascara to make eyelashes stick.

The 5th step uses eyelash clip eyelash clip become warped, brush head to aim at eyelash root next, turn gently at the same time brush besmear to eyelash slightly.

Tips: stick up the brush head, brush the tip of the eyelash with the tip of the brush head, which can effectively elongate the eyelash, while avoiding mascara on the eyelash clumps to cause eyelash adhesion. In case of clumps, use a baby's mini cotton swab to separate the lashes.

Step 6. If you want to make your eyes bigger and more active, you can use the eyelash curler to gently clip the eyelash after the mascara is dry, and you will have a clear, long and beautiful eyelash.

Step 7 eyeliner is always a great partner for mascara. Before using mascara, depict eyelash root gently with eyeliner of the same color first, fill eyelash gap, can let fine long eyelash not appear drab and abrupt.