Ten Steps Stick To False Eyelash Stunts.


One, after drawing eyeliner, clip oneself eyelash becomes warped.

After your eye makeup (eyeshadow eyeliner) is complete, curl your eyelashes before putting on your false lashes.

Two, trim the most appropriate length of false eyelashes.

Take off the false eyelashes to match the length of your eye type for trimming, the eye head reserved distance of 3 false eyelashes, to avoid the occurrence of kaka eye, eye tail just can.

Three, clip false eyelashes become warped.

This is a key, before you can stick false eyelash again, can first a pair of eyelash, root aims at eyelash clip first become warped, the effect that wears up can be more curl becomes warped.

Four, false eyelash shun gives half ellipse radian.

Do not wear false eyelash directly, hold false eyelash head tail to make half ellipse radian back and forth, because eyelids have radian, can let false eyelash more suit stick eye model so.

Five, eyelash glue head and tail a little more dip.

The appropriate amount of eyelash glue is thin and evenly coated on eyelash stem, because the head and tail are easier to fall off when sticking, so you can slightly strengthen the amount of glue.

Six, sticky false eyelash begins to stick from the middle point of the eyeball top. 

First, use tweezers or a special eyelash curler to take the root of the center of the false eyelashes, first glue the root of the center of the eyelid, so as to leave an appropriate distance between the head of the eye and the tail of the eye. Eye head reserved three eyelash distances. In case of a long time wear, eyelash stem that has been poking eye head will be uncomfortable. Remember to stick to the root, eyes will open naturally!

Seven, apply a little power, let eyelash stem support the eyelid.

Sticky eye head, eye end, use tweezers hold eyelash root stick anterior segment, with a little bit of force to the eye head root pull after fixation, eye end is the same.  can use slight tension to let eyelash stem support eyelid. This is why a lot of inside double person, the double eyelid after wearing false eyelash can run out. It is the forceps when eyelash stem support force and adhesion pull slightly tension. Additional, apply clip to strengthen eyelash clip become warped.

Eight, comb true false eyelash with eyelash comb.

Together the radian of usable finger cis eyelash after sticking, let it rise to become warped, comb oneself eyelash and false eyelash with eyelash again comb together.

Nine, Brush mascara from the roots.

Be sure to comb true and false eyelashes and brush mascara from the root to have a root clear effect; mascara right amount can, in order to avoid excessive and clumping.

Ten, Apply eyeliner finally.

Apply eyeliner glue pen or liquid eyeliner to black the glue mark at the root of false eyelashes. If you want more detailed eyeliner, the brush can cover the trace of eyelash glue in the way of point pressure. Remember last eye looks up, fill the inside eyelash root line also rise, can be more detailed!