Novice How To Buy False Eyelashes?


False eyelashes can be divided into artificial fiber or natural hair according to the material; stem is generally divided into fishing line stem, cotton stem, plastic stem three kinds. Cotton stem because of very soft, fit will not tie the eyelid, not too easy to tilt up, but the disadvantage is to tear off the back stem easy to bend deformation, low utilization rate; fishing line stem is better in makeup effect, transparent and invisible, convenient to cut a bunch of stickers, tear off can also maintain the original radian, but the disadvantage is relatively easy to fall off and warped.  Plastic stem is hard, not as comfortable as fishing line stem and cotton stem, but it is still a good choice for girls with single eyelid and inner double eyelid, because a little harder stem can hold up the eyelid, shaping effect is better.

A lot of people will have droop eyes, bubble eyes or the problem that the eye is not big enough, different eye problems will increase the trouble with eye makeup. Today, we will teach you to wear false eyelashes correctly, overcome the problem of eye bubble swelling, droop and so on, so that you can also have discharged eyes.

Because the person of bubble eye, eyelid droop, often because eyelid is puffy, let the eye look not big enough, can use false eyelash to support eyelid actually, increase the contour line of the eye. Now let me introduce myself to you. I hope you can see it. The glue is applied to the top and outer edge of the false eyelash stem, and can be worn when it is half dry. Special attention should be paid to the glue on the false eyelash of the hard stem. In addition to the top of the hard stem, the glue should be applied to the outer edge of the stem, and the glue can be worn when it is half dry. False eyelash is fixed first at eye, eye head eye tail part ascends. When wearing false eyelashes, first fix the position of the eye and eye head. Remind you, the part of the eye tail, do not adhere to the eye type, to lift up, so that the eyes show the effect of up.

Next, use the pliers to adjust the false eyelashes. Since glue has been applied to the upper edge of the hard stem of the false eyelashes, you can use the pliers to help lift the false eyelashes up the eyelid. Monocular eyelids or puffiness are too serious, use the eye stick to hold out the double eyelid to fix the eye stick in the fold of the double eyelid, and hold the eye fold inward, so that you can increase the support of false eyelashes, and help hold up the swollen eyelid. Fill the gap between eye end and false eyelash with liner liquid, when sticking false eyelash, because the part of eye end is lifted up, so between eye end and false eyelash, can produce gap, should take liner liquid only gap is filled, remember to extend original eyelash, let eyelash look more complete.