Choose The Right Mascara Brush To Bring Out The Eye's Aura.​


1. Banana-shaped brush: It is suitable for eyes with sagging tail to construct a zigzag arc brush, which contacts the quadrilateral extension of eyelashes from the root, giving a wonderful sense of wave. Using the depressed part of the brush to touch the eyelashes, can make the eyes from the upper and lower left and right directions have the expansion effect, appear more rounded.

2. Bitoothed brush: suitable for the eyes with thick lids, bitoothed brush is composed of two kinds of bristles. The main brush extends the overall lashes, and the mini brush gives shorter lashes another extension. Daub, many times, also won't have apparent makeup trace, suit the eye that eyeball protrudes.

3. Christmas tree brush: suitable for double eyelid brush area is wide, a ray shape, conical brush can be close to the root of slender eyelashes. The end is slender and upright, and the daub effect of the next eyelash is equally outstanding. This is an excellent choice for monoeyelid or inner eyelid where mascara often unravelles.

4. Long brush: suitable for protruding eyes if you use a thick and large brush, it will be more obvious to smear the eye protruding. For prominent eyes, it is recommended to choose products that emphasize warping and fullness rather than growth to cover the defects of prominent eyes.

5. Elliptical brush: suitable for monocular eyelid slender oval brush, suitable for makeup easy to get dirty monocular eyelid. It makes your lashes look rich and long, and gives you a great warping effect.

6. Fan brush: suitable for short eyes fan style brush, suitable for short eyes, difficult to apply makeup. Even the corner of the eye can be carefully applied to make short eyes appear deep and bright.

7. Peanut-shaped brush: suitable for small and dull eyes. peanut-shaped brush has growth and warping effect, can prolong narrow and short eyes. The effect is obvious.  Give the middle of the eye a wavy feeling to bring growth to the front and back.

8. Comb brush: For listless eyes, a lush comb brush separates eyelashes one by one, as if you have planted artificial eyelashes.  Suitable for listless and lax eyes.  Won't let eyelash agglomerate, growth effect is obvious at the same time.