What Are The Materials Of False Eyelashes


Material: Now on the market of false eyelashes material is varied, in addition to the more popular man-made fibers, and horse hair and other animal hair, some hair, different animal wool soft strength is different also, horse hair relatively stiff, soft mink, fox fur for color false eyelashes, and there are all sorts of flying bird feathers, the more normal stage performances, usually more expensive price, And the best thing to wear is human hair.

In addition to the different materials of false eyelashes, whether the hair has been sharpened, sharpened, that is, to polish the end of the hair, so that the tip of the false eyelashes is as thin as the real hair, and the sharpened eyelashes will be more real, delicate and real. This is also the standard for choosing false eyelashes now. Of course, if you just pursue big eyes and gods, such small details can also be ignored.

False eyelash stem The stem of different eyelash stems is different also, weave method is different also.

Cotton stalk: eyelashes are folded in half and knotted on the stalk made of black cotton thread. The false eyelashes of this weaving method have good softness, high upper eye comfort, and are not easy to unglue, but the back stalk is easy to bend and deform, and the utilization rate of repetition is low. The black cotton stalk does have the role of eyeliner.

Transparent peduncle: eyelash folds in half, knot on the peduncle of transparent and similar fishing line, makeup effect is best, convenient cut open a bundle to stick, tear down hind also can maintain original radian, softness is stronger than the false eyelash of cotton peduncle, and shortcoming is to fall off easily and warped.

Woven eyelashes are arranged one by one in a strip of flat peels. They are stiff but well held and have the greatest effect on shaping.

Everyday, in general, choose cotton and transparent terrier. Everyday is like transparent terrier, because it is more natural, but if it is easy to edema or swollen eyelids, or wear false eyelashes easy step eyelids, it may be more suitable for woven because its strongest support degree, and eyelids are sensitive to the fairy is not suitable for woven terrier, eye head eye end easily is stamp.

When choosing false eyelashes, remove the stem and wool of the false eyelashes mentioned above, and look at the type of eyelashes, curl warped degree, length, and type of lower eyelashes.