How To Choose The Right False Eyelashes For Beginners (Natural Beautiful False Eyelashes Recommended)


Not every fairy has thick, long eyelashes, but fancy piggy girls have to create their own Asian eyes, even if they don't. False eyelash is the key point that magnifies the eye. We should cast aside the false eyelash of multificate on market, will understand them from false eyelash oneself, ability chooses right the false eyelash that suits oneself most.

1. Choose according to the wool quality

The false eyelashes we often wear are generally composed of two parts: eyelashes and peduncles. General eyelash is the most intuitive, visible part, wool material, curvature and even softness, etc., are the influencing factors that determine whether false eyelash wear is natural and comfortable.

(1) True hair false eyelashes - false make-up

True hair types of false eyelash, generally made according to natural hair, such as mink fur, horse hair, and perhaps even our human hair or the eyebrows, The coats with our false eyelash are very similar to that of soft natural roll become warped, even with a little oily luster feeling, wear up true and false, almost life-like.

Suggested crowd: For want to create "false makeup" effect of the girls, real hair type material is the best choice, because close to their own eyelashes, put on and true eyelashes can be perfectly integrated.  However, it should be noted that the production process of true hair false eyelashes is complex and contains animal cells and molecules.  People with sensitive eye skin should be carefully selected to avoid eye inflammation.

(2) Artificial fiber false eyelashes - anti-allergy 

Artificial fiber is generally chemical fiber synthesis, weaving, and sharpening process. Fiber hair tail will be relatively sharp, thick and thin secretion, this eyelash texture is relatively hard, too neat, uniform bending and gloss sense is very high, but not as natural as the real hair material.

Suggested crowd: If you want to highlight the words of eye makeup, the first choice is artificial fiber material, because its gloss is natural and very beautiful. But because the curvature is uniform and arranged too neatly, it is not as good as the scattered real wool material. And the most important is the artificial fiber material, even if the eyes can be sensitive to use.

(3) False eyelashes with feathers - a cool look 

Feather false eyelashes are usually more suitable for stage plays and other occasions. They are not defined as eyelashes, but the fan-shaped shape effect of animal feathers. They are generally made by combining animal feathers and fiber eyelashes, with soft touch and good gloss, but the length will be much longer than normal eyelashes, so the degree of nature is very low, but the effect is quite cool.

Suggested crowd: Because feather false eyelashes exaggerated modeling, the visual effect is more shocking, more suitable for performances, nightclubs and other occasions. If you want to attract everyone's attention, feather false eyelashes are a good choice. Daily work is not suitable for choice, and eye sensitive people also need to be carefully selected.

(4) Metallic dazzling false eyelashes - bright eye movement 

In the metal color is popular today, false eyelashes can be more than dark, metal dazzling color false eyelashes often color is more variable, metal material is relatively hard, soft degree is general, this kind of false eyelashes will generally combine metal color and pearlescent tone, so that the eyes are more attractive.

Suggest crowd: the tonal of metallic feeling is very exaggerated, our Asian schoolgirl suits to choose wine quite the tonal metal false eyelash such as red, orange, want you to match only good, can bring the makeup feeling that brighter eye moves feeling. The metallic dazzle color false eyelash effect is very amazing and the three-dimensional feeling is very obvious, but the natural degree is very low, the girl that pursues natural makeup effect does not want to choose.

(5) Paper eyelashes - delicate art

In addition to the above common false eyelashes, there is another kind of more interesting false eyelashes, namely paper eyelashes. We use paper-cutting of traditional cultural elements to design false eyelashes into different shapes of eyelashes. The paper is relatively soft, and the wear time should not be too long, because paper eyelashes are easy to deform.

A recommended crowd: paper eyelashes are not as thick as feather eyelashes. After wearing paper eyelashes, it will make simple makeup more delicate and artistic, and it can be used for sensitive eyes. However, because the styling time is relatively short, it is not suitable for a long time to wear, and the exaggerated shape is more suitable for stage plays and photography makeup. Summary: to the girl that pursues natural makeup effect, the optimal choice is true hair kind. Artificial fiber false eyelashes according to their wearing techniques can also wear a natural feeling, artificial fiber daily makeup can also choose, and artificial fiber than real hair cost performance is higher. Feather false eyelashes, metallic dazzling eyelashes and paper eyelashes are more suitable for the stage effect, which is more grandiose, and not suitable for everyday makeup.

2. Select according to the peduncle

When choosing false eyelash, in addition to seeing wool qualitative besides, pay attention to stem department even, choose right stem department, ability fits our eyelid very well, not easy to be dazzling, also not easy to be raised.

(1) Hard peduncle - best support

It is usually made of black plastic material, also known as plastic stem. This false eyelash stem, often thick black hard, can be bent arbitrarily, support is the best of all false eyelash stem performance. Also, when you remove the makeup, the makeup remover doesn't penetrate the stem, so it's easy to clean and can be applied about 10 times.

Recommended crowd: plastic hard stem is most suitable for eyelid droop, inner double or single eyelid people. Its hardness is very high, can support the eyelid, so that it does not block the eyes as far as possible, the inner double, single eyelid out of a fold, forming a natural double eyelid, can enlarge the eyes, let the eyes become more profound.  Before wearing, however, adjust the bend of the stiff stem to fit your eyelid and avoid poking your eye.

(2) Soft stem - best comfort

The soft stem of false eyelash is made of cotton thread, which is relatively soft and delicate and affinity to eyelid skin. Be in nevertheless when discharge makeup, discharge makeup fluid penetrates cotton thread easily, had used so basically cannot use again, use repeatedly instead can breed bacterium to cause inflammation, two soft stems is changeable, after having used the effect that cannot enlarge an eye.

Suggested crowd: Cotton thread soft stem is the most suitable for double eyelid, because cotton stem is too soft and slender, can not be made into eyelid, can only play the effect of modification, so do not need to go to great lengths to adjust the eye type of double eyelid is the most appropriate, can highlight the advantages of double eyelid.

(3) Transparent stem - both soft and hard stem advantages clear stems are made of clear plastic and are also known as fishing line stems. Color transparent, affixed to the eye basically belongs to the invisible state, plus transparent plastic material is better than black plastic, peduncle more soft and flexible, natural and have both support. This kind of peduncle ministry is union of advantage of soft and hard peduncle union and become, magnify eye effect is moderate, makeup feels very natural also.

Suggest crowd: soft and hard degree is moderate, because this can support slightly droop eyelid, inside double not serious girl can handle easily, also suit eye department easy fatigue crowd very much, slender and give consideration to certain support force, the eye has no burden.

conclusion: from the perspective of comfort to choose: soft stem >   transparent stem >   hard stem; choose from the enlarged eye effect: hard stem >   clear stem >   soft stem; considering both sides, transparent terrier is an excellent choice.

3. Select according to the shape

The shape of your false eyelashes can also make a difference to the makeup you want. For a sexy look, a long, bushy eye end is the first choice for fairies, so choose the shape of your false eyelashes to match the look you want.

(1) Elongated eye tail shape - sex goddess if you're looking for a sexy look, a bushy style with a longer eye end will make your eyes look more vibrant and feminine when worn. still have special eye end half cut false eyelash even, used to elongate eyeliner specially, let the eye become the coquet-charming eye that slender grows up warped.

Recommended crowd: for girls with wide eye spacing, it is best not to choose longer eye tail. It is easy to focus visual attention on the eye tail, but let the eye spacing become wider and more disharmonious. The false eyelash that the eye tail lengthens shape suits the eye longer and larger, and the girl with very wide double eyelid also makes the sexy effect that comes out is very good.

(2) Long in the middle and short on both sides - cute girl the false eyelash with short shape of both sides grows in the middle, the little girl that suits cute girl route most, similar barbie false eyelash can widen the spacing of upper and lower eyes, make a lovely and charming round eye. Suggest crowd: eyelash of long holiday among bobbi models, suit an eye to slant more round, the girl with wider distance of upper and lower eye, can magnify an eye, makeup effect is natural. If it is phoenix eyes, long eyes are not suitable.

(3) Cluster/dot - the real this kind of shape false eyelash root is small, the number of eyelashes may be at least one, as many as 6-7, looks like grass seedlings, the stem is punctured, soft and has no support, can only be used to decorate the eye. Recommended crowd: these tufted false lashes tend to have an auxiliary effect and can be applied to any eye shape, filling in eyelash pores and blending true and false lashes for a supernatural effect. It pursues perfection commonly. There are one or two vacancies after wearing false eyelash, which can be filled with tufted false eyelash.

(4) Segmented shape - invisible nature 

A section may only have a few false eyelashes, the whole is sparse, hair bundle gap strewn at random, as natural as our true eyelashes. Generally there will be 3mm, 5mm and other size of choice, flexible should be relatively strong.

Recommended crowd: suitable for people with sparse eyelashes, segmented false eyelashes can be matched with false eyelashes of different lengths and curling degrees according to the length and curl degree of real eyelashes in the eye head, eye tail and eyes. It should be very strong, so that the true and false eyelashes are perfectly mixed and natural and thick.