Why Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions Are Your Best Bet


Faux mink eyelashes developed by humans are designed to look like real mink fur. There are nowntastic faux mink lashes available that are so lightweight and realistic-looking that it is difficult to tell the difference. They also benefit from the following extra benefits:


Why Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions Are Your Best Bet


Mink live their entire lives under intense stress in tiny cages at fur farms. They are destroyed once they develop a thick winter coat. It's probable that mink farming results in significant misery for these animals. Choose faux-mink lashes if you don't want to help this disgusting industry.


There is no potential danger of allergy. Manufacturers claim that any risk of allergies has been completely eliminated when using mink fur for eyelash extensions. We would rather suggest using a synthetic material that hasn't been associated with allergy responses in wearers.


If you wet faux mink eyelashes, they won't lose their curl. When wet, real mink lashes usually turn straight and wispy; to maintain the right curvature, use a curler.



Each year, minks are slaughtered in their hundreds for their fur. Winter jackets and lashes are made from these furs after processing. However, faux mink eyelashes do not back up this. To mimic actual mink hair, they are manufactured with faux mink hair.


Never Lose the Curl

You must perm and style the silk and mink lashes into curls. However, these curls are short-lived. As soon as the lash becomes wet, they disappear. However, the strands used to create fake mink are permanently altered to form curls of various shapes and sizes.


Non-Reactions to Allergies

Most people respond allergic to the silk, lashes, and hair of animals. However, faux mink eyelashes are produced using synthetic materials without any allergens.