History Of False Eyelashes


False eyelash is a kind of artificial eyelash that uses beautification eye department, commonly pass through eyelash lengthen, add thick, let the eye look bigger, brighter, fuller, more have a mind. False eyelashes have a long history, as early as 2000 bc in ancient egypt and ancient rome documents can be found false eyelashes records.

There are many types of false eyelashes.

According to the work, it is divided into manual eyelashes, semi-manual eyelashes, and mechanical eyelashes.

Handmade eyelashes: pure handmade, one by one eyelash silk up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical.  But the process is complex and the output is limited by manual work. 

Semi-handmade lashes: 

The first few procedures are machine, the second two procedures are also manual production, eyelash products are relatively flat, good-looking.

Mechanical eyelashes: mainly made by machine, but there are a small number of manual use. The product's appearance is beautiful, the cost is lower, the output is also large. According to use: doll eyelashes, film eyelashes, simulation eyelashes, personality false eyelashes.

doll eyelash: it is the eyelash that makes doll and so on toy doll uses, thick and long lovely.

video eyelashes:

after wearing them, the stereo sense of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup, etc.

Personality lashes: These are designed and individuated lashes that are longer and thicker than the others and are suitable for drama, stage performances or special makeup.

Note: when washing your face, remember to use cotton swabs to clean the eye shadow and eyeliner on your eyes. Of course, if you don't wear makeup for a long time, you will often do so.

But if you add eyelashes and don't wear makeup, you don't feel that the eyelashes will grow very unnatural, like false eyelashes, but if you just a little bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow, the effect will be much better! Wash a face had better not use towel, use sponge better, because its area is better used, clean effect is much better than towel also!