Can False Eyelashes Show Eye Big? What's The Use Of False Eyelashes?


Eyelash grafts often make the eyes look bigger. Eyelashes are rare, and short eyes look smaller, and there is no spirit, can be improved by grafting eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes are mainly with special glue, glue the false eyelashes to the root of the real eyelashes, so that the eyelashes become thick and beautiful, the eyes will appear larger and more energetic.

What's the use of false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are a kind of beauty product. The design of art is used for the eye, the spirit like temperament is shown between eyelash agitation.

False eyelash is a kind of hairdressing articles. It is to use handwork to make, half handwork to make, machine to make the eyelash silk of a strand to rise and make. Fine workmanship, convenient and practical.

some people lose their eyelashes easily due to the condition of their eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, it is easy to further lead to eyelash loss, so it is still necessary to use caution.

What color do false eyelashes come in?

Red eyelashes. Red eyelashes go with red hair. Red is a showy color. It has a lot of impact. It makes a deep impression.

Blue eyelashes. Blue eyelashes with blue hair.

Blue and black eyelashes. Blue-black lashes are half blue and half black.

Dark green eyelashes. Dark green eyelashes to dark green, inside mixed with a few black eyelashes.

Black eyelashes. Black eyelashes are the closest to human eyelashes and look natural when worn.

White eyelashes. White eyelashes are the opposite of black eyelashes, which makes them look awkward.

Red and black eyelashes. Red and black eyelashes are half black and half red eyelashes.

It is best to remove false eyelash stickers before going to bed. When wearing false eyelashes, it is generally necessary to apply glue. Wearing them to sleep may block hair follicles, easily cause inflammation of hair follicles, and the skin around the eyes is delicate. Wearing false eyelashes to sleep may lead to loose eye skin and accelerate the aging of eye skin. Try to remove makeup every night before going to bed, to avoid makeup around the eyes, resulting in faster skin aging, not thoroughly cleaning may also lead to the root of eyelash hair follicles blocked, causing inflammation.