The Reason Your Eyelashes Are Flat And Dirty


Eyelashes are really important! Beautiful sunflower eyelashes can enlarge the eyes in all directions, even without heavy eye makeup can quickly absorb the eye and grab the mirror;  however, there are always a lot of sisters who can't handle lashes: eyelashes do not roll up at all, brush very collapse, appear eyes have no god; carefully brush eyelashes, and always brush fly legs dirty; which step went wrong?

Do not clip warped eyelash to brush eyelash directly

Some sisters in the shadow of the faint catch and the portrayal of eyeliner up and down enough effort, however to eyelash this prone always be done hastily. You don't even curl your eyelashes, you just brush your mascara twice and you're done...

Whether you're a novice mascara wearer or an advanced contestant wearing fake lashes, the first step is to "curl your eyelashes." If you fail at the beginning, all the rest of your steps will be useless!

Instead of curling your eyelashes, apply mascara directly.

If you don't curl your eyelashes and apply mascara directly, your eyelashes will be droopy, which will make you look lethargic and will not give you a good eye effect.

Eyelash natural roll warped, vision magnifies eyes

When you curl your lashes and don't even apply mascara, you'll notice that naturally curdled lashes look fresher and enlarge your eyes better.

If you want to brush the natural curly sunflower eyelashes, you should pay attention to the following points when clipping eyelashes:

Keep your eyelashes dry

Keep your eyelashes dry and don't put lotion on them.  If the eyelashes are stained with skin care products, it is not easy to clamp warped.  If you are not careful to stick on, sisters remember to wipe with paper towels and dry thoroughly before clamping.

Curl your eyelashes in three sections

Three points clip eyelash, eyelash more natural curl warped. The eyelash curler is close to the root of the eyelashes, and gently pushes up to expose all the roots of the eyelashes. Loosen the eyelash curler and move it to the middle to start the curler; same as above for tips.

Eye head eye tail "rotating" clip

The eyelashes at the top and bottom of the eyes are harder to handle, so use an eyelash curler to "rotate" the eyelashes. This is the secret to making lashes bloom. A new baby can also be treated with a "partial" eyelash curler.

Lifting your eyelids with your fingers is easier.

Every makeup novice has experienced the eyelash curler to the meat. It is recommended that a not too skilled novice baby can use fingers to lift the eyelid, better operation.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the eyelashes must be uniform, not in a place fierce clip, or eyelashes will become a right angle, very blunt not good-looking.

Too much paste, easy to lump, fly legs

Listen to a lot of sisters have told, brush eyelash every time carefully of, but one not careful agglomerate, fly leg, after all how should brush eyelash ability to have root clear effect?

Mascara brush too much, easy to clump fly legs

Dip mascara to the right amount, do not open the mascara directly brush. At this time the paste is very much and uneven, it is easy to cake after brushing.

Mascara amount, eyelash is lightsome curl warped

Remember to open the mascara, first in the mouth of the tube to scrape off the excess paste before brushing more naturally; you can also gently dab your mascara brush with a paper towel to remove excess mascara and avoid flying legs or uneven brushing.

Z-type brush method repeatedly brush, agglomerate and easy to collapse

Although the "Z" shape brush method, can let more paste stay on the eyelashes, appear thicker, but the back and forth brush is also easier to brush fly legs!

Eyelash rolls become warped brush law

when brushing mascara, the root of eyelashes shows the "z" type brush method, the tip does not need the "z" word brush, just gently take it, otherwise it is easy to fly legs.

The effect eyelash root that comes out so brush cream body much, tip is little, "head light foot is heavy" just is the secret that maintains all day roll become.

Mascara brushing demonstration

If your eyelashes tend to collapse after brushing, brush them once and wait for the mascara to dry, then pause at the base of your lashes and brush again. Remember to brush eyelash root only, the time that can let maintain coil becomes warped so is extended.

Before and after eyelash treatment

After brushing mascara, you can use the ironing eyelash device to iron again to consolidate radian. When hot, you can use the way of "drawing a semicircle" to hot, so it is not easy to hot the eyelid.

The next eyelash is sparse and short, a brush shows dirty

Most girls' lower lashes are relatively rare. For the novice baby, brushing up the difficulty coefficient is increased. If you still "brush hard," you're going to get dirty and ruin your hard-earned eye makeup.

Try to brush the lashes, clumps show dirty

When brushing eyelashes, it is to brush the head horizontal; when brushing the next lashes, remember to "change direction and brush vertically", and use the tip of the brush head to touch the lashes, so as to have the magic effect of lengthening the next lashes.

Fine brush head mascara to treat lower lashes

You can also switch to "mascara with a fine brush" to give your lower lashes more presence. It's also more user-friendly for beginners, easy to use and less likely to cag fly legs.

Eyelash collapses the reason that dirty basically is not clip become warped eyelash to brush eyelash directly, perhaps eyelash cream body too much, brush repeatedly.

If you want to brush the sunflower eyelash that gives natural roll become warped, the first step should become a warped eyelash clip namely; scrape off the excess cream before brushing your eyelashes; pay attention to technique when brushing, root paste more, less tip, "head light foot heavy" is to keep the secret of the whole day.

When brushing eyelashes, it is to brush the head horizontal; when brushing the lower lashes, remember to "switch the direction of the brush to vertical", or switch to a thin brush mascara, this will have the magic effect of lengthening the lower lashes.