How Should Eyelash Brush The Ability To Make Eyelash Long And Dense?


How should eyelash brush the ability to make eyelash long and dense? Many won't brush mascara girls very upset eyelash brush what will say goodbye to "fly leg", to be able to become warped eyelash looks volume and also long, actually really brush eyelashes for makeup remnants "hand" is a very painful thing, the each brush eyelashes just like with things in poke my eyes, when brush eyelashes at once as long as the improper operation may be poking into the eye, Or brush around the eyes, let the eyes become black panda eyes, there are some eyelashes brush out of a lump of a lump of feeling, others are root clear you are root into "fly legs", want to know how to brush eyelashes, quickly to learn these few tips.

Under the brush eyelashes before finishing his eyelashes, wanting to roll become warped eyelash is not fit to brush the eyelash can directly, no matter how much your mascara belongs to roll becomes warped, unless you are naturally roll become warped eyelash is not brush roll become warped sense, so we need to clip eyelash, which is suitable for your own eyelash clip joint in the root ministry of eyelash clip eyelash.

Many girls are all think the eyelash directly to clamp down on the eyelash clip is ok, then brush on eyelash to cream is finished, this is wrong, this any clip on besmear eyelash to cream you'll find your eyelash roll degree doesn't last, the real way is to need to use eyelash clip clip eyelash clip eyelash three times, respectively is the eyelashes, central eyelash, tip of the eyelashes, three places need clip, And a few more clip to have a sense of warping volume.

After curling the eyelashes, you need to brush the eyelashes. Mascara is generally divided into two types: curly type and thick and slender type. However, which one you choose depends on what shape you want your eyelashes to look like. Many girls brush their eyelashes to poke their eyes. There is a reason. When you are brushing your lashes, you are facing the mirror and brushing is not good at all, your head should be raised and your eyes should be looking down, put the mirror in front of your eyes, and use the mascara in a zigzag shape to brush your lashes, so you don't poke your eyes and it's easier to apply, and zigzag your lashes to avoid "fly legs" of your lashes.

Brush the eyelash is the same, when next eyelash on than many short and not enough bushy, so many girls think it is not necessary to brush, brush up is very troublesome, you at ordinary times eye makeup all know eye makeup also needs painting to appear under the eyes is natural enough is big enough, but why is brushed brush the eyelash is not willing to?  Brush when both fluctuation eyelash needs to brush, brush the eyelash brush than on eyelash to many but also easy to brush, brush the eyelash when your eyes look in the mirror can be straight and use eyelash creams as well as in Z glyph to brush, but be careful to slow down a little, and should not once brush is likely to become a panda eye to eye.