How Purify False Eyelash's Glue?


You can rub it with alcohol. Gently and repeatedly wipe it. Buy a special makeup remover to remove false eyelashes and apply it to the area with false eyelashes for one minute. The false eyelashes will fall off. Then, gently wipe your eyes with a cotton pad attached with makeup remover to remove the glue. Finally, wash your eyes again with a cleanser to remove the remaining makeup remover and glue.

Regular makeup remover removes false eyelashes and takes time. Use makeup remover to moisten makeup remover cotton, gently wipe the place where false eyelashes and eyes stick together, 2 to 5 minutes or so, eyelashes will gradually fall off. Much of the adhesive will also wash off. When the time comes, just use a cleanser for a final cleanse.

False eyelashes are thin and beautiful, but they are fragile and should be used with special care. When you remove it from the box, don't grab the side and pull. Gently remove it with your fingers along your eyelashes. When tearing from the eyelid, grab the middle of the false eyelash and put it down with a snap. Action to be agile, can't pull two or three hair down to scratch. Used false lashes must be completely removed from the glue and neatly placed in the case. Please be careful not to get eye bubbles and mascara on your eyelashes. Smudged false eyelashes, ruined false eyelashes.