How To Apply Eyelash Glue Correctly?


Applying false eyelashes is often one of the steps we take when applying eye makeup. Putting on false eyelashes can be tricky. If you don't do it right, it can look unnatural and glue can get all over the place. And not only the upper eyelashes, the lower eyelashes also need to stick false eyelashes.

We all know the eye that does not have lower eyelash, can feel the eye to have a bit of hang, at this time can stick next eyelash to make up for. Stick the method or stick like stick eyelash first had stuck among, want to clingy eyelash root oh. Fix eye head again, eye head should stick the root of oneself lower eyelash.

Step 1: Check the length of false eyelashes

The first is to evaluate the length of your false eyelashes. When using false eyelashes, you should first pick up the false eyelashes with tweezers and compare them at the root of your eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, you need to cut them to the same width as your own eye shape. Accordingly, false eyelash is in eye head because of this empty come 1/4, the meeting that closes an eye otherwise is uncomfortable.

Step 2: Clip your eyelashes

Should put their own before on false eyelash with eyelash clip roll become warped, then coated with mascara, because their body roll becomes warped eyelash not false eyelash, in order to put a false eyelash after effect nature is clear, therefore need to be posted before you leave their false eyelash clip roll become warped, and fixing the radian of eyelash mascara can also help.

Step 3: Glue false eyelashes

After its own eyelashes radian fixed, false eyelashes, picked up the prepared root up, and then use hand did not take the false eyelash glue into false eyelash carefully. At the time of the eyelash glue should begin from the middle to the sides, so eye head and eye end part can have more glue, because the two parts are easier to fall off. It is easier to master the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, apply a small section, squeeze a little glue, apply a small section, so repeatedly until all coated, the direction is still from the middle to the sides.

Step 4: Eyelash glue with how many appropriate

The thickness of the false eyelash glue is about 0.5~ 1mm, because if there is too little false eyelash glue, it can not stick the false eyelash well. After the eyelash glue is squeezed, wait for 30 seconds until the false eyelash glue is half dry, because the viscosity is the highest.

Step 5: Apply false eyelashes first

After the glue on the false eyelashes is half dry, pick up the middle of the eyelashes with tweezers, which is not the root of the middle of the false eyelashes, but pick up the middle of the false eyelashes with tweezers, and then close to the root of the true eyelashes from the top of their true eyelashes. The middle of the false eyelash is aligned with the middle of the real eyelash. Be careful not to let the root of the glue touch the real eyelash.

Step 6: How does false eyelash affix eye department?

Stick the middle part first, the place is in the 0.5-1 millimeter above the true eyelash. It's attached to the eyelid, very close to the real eyelashes but don't press on the real eyelashes because it will push down the real eyelashes that are warped.

Step 7: How does false eyelash stick an eye end?

Glue the end of the eye. Hold the hair of false eyelash tail with forceps, stretch to the direction of eye tail gently the eyelash line above that is pressed in eye tail 0.5-1 millimeter inside. The purpose of stretching is to prevent the redundant part in the middle to go out, but not too hard, the middle of false eyelash should still be in the fixed position just now.

Step 8: How does false eyelash stick an eye head?

Glue the head of the eye. It is the hair that holds false eyelash head with forceps this time. The direction that goes to the eye head gently is stretching to press the eyelash line above eye end 0.5 millimeter inside is the most natural.

Step 9: False eyelashes finalize

After applying the false eyelash, hold it between your fingers to correct the curvature before the glue dries completely. Don't lift your lashes too high, as this will layer with your real lashes. Don't press too low either, as this will make the eyes look smaller. Hold it for about 30 seconds at the height you are comfortable with. This will fix the curve of your eyelashes.

Putting on false eyelashes is definitely a very effective way to enlarge the eyes, so putting on false eyelashes is also a lot of girls in the eye makeup will choose. Sometimes it is not only to stick eyelash, lower eyelash also needs oh, the method of both is close actually, stick the middle stick root again first, notice a few above mentioned small skills can stick natural eyelash next.