How To Choose The Right Silicone Eyelash Brush?


Mascara brush is an eye makeup tool used before and after applying mascara, or in conjunction with mascara.

Eyes are the window of a woman's health and beauty. Beautify your eyes, not without eye cream, eyeliner, mascara credit, but if the lack of mascara brush, I'm afraid it is difficult to achieve the ideal "eyeball" effect.

When besmear eyelash cream, can feel it sometimes lump ground stick to go up in eyelash, usable eyelash brush is combed at this moment. When using mascara brush, should comb above eyelash first from root to go down, can achieve elongate effect so; comb upwards from eyelash lower part again next, in order to make eyelash natural roll become warped.

When choosing a mascara brush, you should pay attention to whether the bristles are evenly arranged, the density is appropriate, and the hair is soft. Can use brush to try brush a few times in the hand first, feel, wool quality is hard or uneven eyelash brush cannot be used. Many mascara brushes are larger now, and although they are easier to use, they tend to cause clumping of mascara, so you should choose a smaller one to ensure that every lash is covered. If you insist on using a large mascara brush, it is recommended that you use an mascara brush to brush your lashes and lashes apart after applying mascara.

1. Short, droopy, and sparsely spaced lashes: Comb mascara + fiber mascara

Fibrous mascara makes your lashes look longer and thicker, while a comb brush is dense and prevents drooping of your lashes by applying mascara from the base of your lashes while still brushing them evenly.

2. While your lashes are dense, they're short and drawn like a curtain: a thin, stubby spiral mascara

If you have short lashes, I don't recommend using a long brush. A thick brush will not take care of short lashes, while a thin spiral brush will not work the same way. If you start at the base of the lashes, it will pull them up in an instant.

3. Lashes are short but not droopy and not thick enough: Bullet mascara + Primer mascara

If your lashes don't sag too much, apply a base mascara and then use a short, thick mascara brush to start at the base of your lashes and work your way to every corner to make your lashes look thicker.

4. Long lashes that don't curl and aren't thick enough: A thick, peanut-shaped or banana-shaped brush

Whether it is a peanut or a banana mascara brush, they are effective at increasing the curl of the eyelashes at the corners and ends of the eyes, especially if the eyeliner is applied to the tops of the eyes, especially if the lashes are sagging or not thick enough.

5. Long, dense lashes that hang down: spiral thick mascara, electric mascara

thicker spiral eyelash brush can prevent thick slender eyelash droop electric eyelash brush can prevent liquid clumping when on mascara, and it is a pinch of smear more relaxed, curling strength is also very good.

6. Longer and less drooped lashes, but not thick: the finer product of a thicker bullet mascara

a thicker bullet brush will make lashes look thicker, and if the brush is thinner, it will spread the mascara more thinly, giving the lashes a more dynamic look. But if your eyelashes are flabby, it's best not to try these products.