What is Strip Lash Glue?


False eyelash glue is divided into black glue and white glue, black glue can also do eyeliner, white can only stick false eyelash. False eyelash glue quick drying strong, environmental protection, non-toxic, low allergy, no damage to sensitive eye skin. The false eyelash that uses false eyelash glue can repeat stick, the glue on false eyelash dispel when discharge makeup can.

Use to stick false eyelash at eyelash root, in order to achieve beautify the eye, can be used to create a variety of exaggerated stage effect.

1. Apply a little glue on the edge of false eyelashes, and the two ends are easy to fall off. The amount should be slightly more.

2. Then apply a layer of false eyelash glue along your eyelashes. When the glue is dry, curl the false eyelashes.

3. Press false eyelashes along the base of the eyelashes. Press with your hand for about 10 seconds to blend the true and false eyelashes.

4. Dip a cotton swab in makeup remover to clean the root of eyelashes, remove false eyelashes and remove eye makeup.

Note: If the eyelashes in the corner of the eye are accidentally lost, apply false eyelash glue to the corner of the eye with a toothpick, and then hold the eyelash until the glue dries, the eyelashes can be fixed.