A Choice Of Different Lashes?


Eyelash selection - Based on thickness. Fine eyelashes need to be grafted by flowering technique, while thicker eyelashes are suitable for single grafting. If it is a single graft, you only need to choose the appropriate coarseness. You can create a natural and dense style, determine the coarseness, and then choose the warping degree and length.

Good lashes are softer, lighter, more comfortable, better looking and more durable in the same thickness. Don't blindly choose eyelashes according to the material.

The material of eyelashes is divided into artificial eyelashes and natural eyelashes.

The material of artificial eyelashes is generally PBT-PET synthesis, different proportion of components, eyelash specifications and other reaction effects are different. The market artificial eyelashes name is very much: such as silk protein, rabbit hair, imitation mink hair, mink velvet, silk and so on.

Natural eyelash features - mink hair. Soft and light, high durability (there are hair scales on the surface, adsorption glue water is good) but the eyelash hair tip part is small messy, the same box of eyelash thickness is also different, easy to break.

Characteristics of artificial eyelashes: many styles, durable eyelashes, soft, neat.

1. Beauty lashes and false eyelashes are not the same, not a straight pull contact skin makeup technique. It is the operation of grafting artificial eyelashes 1-1.5mm away from the root with special glue (adhesive).

2. The use of mascara injury and eyelashes or eyelashes measured too little too short customers can not graft dense slender eyelashes, depending on the quality of customers' own eyelashes. Professional beauty ciliary division through observation and judgment, reasonable grafting or to discuss with customers the appropriate grafting root number, thickness and length.

3. Eyelash grafting under the state of eye makeup may decrease in durability because of the oil content of cosmetics. So grafting day should not make up or first remove makeup and then grafting.

4. When the native eyelashes are in the shedding cycle, the grafted eyelashes are easy to fall off.

5. Although artificial eyelashes do not touch the skin directly, they are close to the skin after all, so there is no rule out sensitive reaction. Allergic reactions to cosmetics, allergic constitution or sensitive skin customers should be clear with the beauty ciliary division in advance.

6. Grafting too thick and too heavy artificial eyelashes to dull and unhealthy eyelashes will increase the load of eyelashes and make the front end of eyelashes easier to break. So it must be chosen appropriately.

7. The grafted eyelashes will not only gradually fall off with the growth cycle of the original eyelashes, but also may cause local or large areas of the fall off because of the grafting method or customer's lifestyle and habits.

8. After grafting eyelashes may make the original wearing glasses customers are not good to wear, especially the grafting length of 11mm or above, there may be eyelashes against the lens. Do not graft 11mm or longer if glasses are still required after grafting. If you accept, contact lenses will make your eyes look better.

9. Finally, we guarantee the use of soft, elastic, durable shape, sanitary production, disinfection of high-quality eyelashes and glue in line with international standards. According to the thickness and length expected by customers, and then according to the type and shape of eyelashes selected by customers, we will graft the eyelash effect that makes customers satisfied.