Benefits of DIY Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are no different from typical false eyelashes. They are individual eyelash fibers that are bonded with a medical-grade adhesive to give natural lashes length, fullness, curl and thickness. The biggest difference is super glue and special stain remover. As one celebrity makeup artist explained: 'Eyelash grafting is the process of attaching false eyelashes to your existing eyelashes to extend the length of your eyelashes.'

The benefits of DIY mascara

• A low-cost alternative to professional eyelash extensions
• Long, clear eyelashes

• Don't wear so much makeup

Eyelash extensions are expensive and can actually destroy your natural lashes and prevent you from applying eye creams and face creams. Professional extensions also require a lot of maintenance and can take up to two hours to apply. In the meantime, DIY eyelash extensions can be used at home. They also stand out, showing off long, flapping, defined lashes that a simple tube of mascara can't match.