The Benefits Of Choosing Faux Mink Lashes


1. Zero animal cruelty

By choosing not to buy real mink, you will be challenging mink farmers who often take advantage of these wonderful creatures. Most minks live in cramped cages and are often under a great deal of stress due to their surroundings. Once they have a thick winter coat, they are killed to extract as much fur as possible. Opt for faux mink eyelashes and you won't be endorsing this extremely cruel practice.

2. Keep your lashes curled

If you accidentally get your fake mink eyelashes wet, don't worry, they won't lose their curl. However, real mink lashes tend to become slender and straight, so you may need a curler to trim them.

3. No allergies

Instead of taking the risk, opt for faux mink eyelashes to avoid any potential allergies. Although mink breeders claim that they have sterilized all mink fur prior to disposal, this is not always the case. With synthetic eyelashes (faux mink eyelashes), you are less likely to suffer an allergic reaction.