What Are Wispy Premade Fans?


Wispy premade fans are the trendiest style because they look fluffy and feathery, so very natural. They are perfect for people who prefer a dramatic, makeup look and eyelashes that stand out. Wispy premade fans are created by combining either individual lashes or closed fans and eyelash extensions fans of different lengths and curls. That way you get feathery 
lashes with noticeable spikes.
Spikes are 2-3 mm longer than the main layer. They are made of closed fans (for wispy volume) or individual lashes (for wispy classics and wispy hybrid lashes). There are usually 7-
10 spikes per eye. Lash technicians usually put two individual lashes or closed lash fans close to each other to make a spike, so if the client loses one extension, the other one is there to fill in the gap.
Wispy classic lashes are done by combining individual lash extensions of different lengths. They look fluffy and feathery and give length as well as some volume to your natural lashes. This style is a great option for those who want their classic lashes to be more noticeable.
Wispy premade fans are done by combining different fans of 2-6 lash extensions. Closed fans are used to create the spikesand between them, 5D 7D 9D fans are inserted to add density and volume.
Wispy premade fans combine these two techniques. Spikes are created with individual lash extensions and the fans of volume lash extensions are between them.