Premade Eyelash Extension VS Silk Eyelash Extension


What are premade eyelash extension?

Premade eyelash extension are done by the manufacturer, meaning the lash fans are already made and packaged.

What are silk eyelash extension?

Silk eyelash extension gives you more lash extension hairs, so you get more lash fans and it typically costs less. You manually make your fans as you go.

When to use them?

When you are new to lashing, it might be  overwhelming with all the terms and techniques, so premade eyelash extension can help you finish a set faster.

I recommend buying both type of lash trays: start your set with silk eyelash extension and manually make your fans, if you are running out of time or feel behind, finish with premade eyelash extension to speed it.

Keep practicing and eventually you'll be making your whole set manually.