Why use premade eyelash extension?


The prefabricated fan is the first and most difficult step in curling eyelashes, and hand-made curling fan techniques have been skipped. Prefabricated fans are readily available coil lash fans.

A prefabricated fan can be composed of 2-20 eyelash fibers, so they are also known as 2D-20D prefabricated fans. D is for the amount of hair in the fan. They are made by eyelash factories with the help of machines and workers. Premade eyelash extension are placed in trays, neatly attached to stickers. Eyelash technicians can use eyelash extensions just like traditional eyelash extensions. The prefabricated fan, like any other eyelash extension device, comes in different thicknesses, curls and lengths.

The use of premade eyelash extension whips has been a hot topic. Premade eyelash extension are frowned upon by many professional whipping artists, as they have learned the hard way to make large numbers of whips themselves. This is understandable. But at the end of the day, isn't satisfaction the most important thing? No one can really see the fan being used by a skilled lash pro or a premade eyelash extension. You can make roll fans by hand, or you can use premade eyelash extension to save time and effort if you're using this eyelash for the first time. Either way, thick lashes give you a full, fluffy look.

Now many of these lashes have been developed using the latest technology. There are many new types and sizes (from 2D to 20D) and diameters (0.03 to 0.10) made from various quality materials (artificial mink, silk, etc.). Many of them look almost exactly like hand-made fans (and sometimes even better, thanks to their perfect symmetry, spacing, and tiny bases).