Welcome to try UV Volume Eyelash Extension


If you're looking for an exciting new way to step up your lash game, why not try our new UV volume eyelash extension? UV volume eyelash extension are a unique way to make your eyes look bright, glamorous and attractive. Plus, this comprehensive section is perfect for summer fun, camping, events, or any special party. Also, it is definitely an accessory that you can wear on any special occasion.

In normal light, they look as simple as other regular lashes. But in UV light, they shine like gems. You can get all eyes on it.


Features of UV volume eyelash extension:

EASY TO USE: UV volume eyelash extension will allow you to make 2D-10D fans super fast and with no residue on the base. Using a special dyeing process, the eyelashes are bright in color and do not fade.


New Trend: UV volume eyelash extension are a fun and exciting way to enhance the color and shape of your natural eye. and help you express your personality. Subtle pops of color create a gorgeous, sexy look.


Stable Volume Features: These glowing dark lashes are double heated during the making process to maintain curl, so properly cared for, won't deform, stay curled for a long time and are waterproof


Popular Colors: We have six of the most fashionable eyelash colors, Neon Orange, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon Red lashes. You can subtly blend these colored lashes with black lashes. Or make a complete set of lash extensions and be the center of attention.


Bright Neon Colors: UV volume eyelash extension won't glow in low light, but look more vibrant than regular lashes, these neon lights must be illuminated with UV fluorescent or black light to show off your glamour.