What are the ways to Eyelash Extension? How to guarantee the effect?


With thick and curled eyelashes, it will have the effect of enlarging the eyes, and the usual makeup will also make the makeup look more delicate and textured. But not all people are very lucky to have long, curly and beautiful eyelashes. Most ordinary people may have relatively short eyelashes and very soft eyelashes. Their eyes look empty and their eyes look small. The question of how to extend eyelashes is worthy of attention from friends with short eyelashes.

1. You can choose to graft eyelashes

Grafting eyelashes is a very effective and immediate way to extend eyelashes, and it is also a way for the general public to extend eyelashes. The premise is that you must choose a regular beauty salon or other institution, and choose staff with rich experience and good skills for grafting, so as to avoid extending the eyelashes from causing damage to the eyelids or eyes and avoiding damage to the original real eyelashes. The effect of extending eyelashes is very real and natural, making the eyes look beautiful in an instant. You can choose the appropriate style and type of eyelash extensions according to your eye condition.

2. usually use false eyelashes

Maybe some people are not suitable for grafting eyelashes. For example, the eyes are more sensitive, or the eyelashes are very fragile, so grafting eyelashes is likely to cause problems. For these groups, using false eyelashes is also a very good way to extend eyelashes. , it is more convenient to operate. As long as you put on false eyelashes before makeup, the premise is to choose the type of eyelashes that suits your eyes, so that the overall effect of the eyelashes will become more perfect. The eyelashes are very long and especially thick, curled, and indeed enlarged. effect of eyes.

What are the ways to Eyelash Extension? Meteor lashes factory has explained to everyone clearly that there are actually many ways to lengthen eyelashes in daily life, but you must choose a healthy, scientific, effective, and reasonable way. Don't blindly believe in all kinds of long eyelashes. Products, even if you choose a product, you must choose a product with formal qualifications to avoid unnecessary harm.