Y style lash VS silk eyelash extension


A pair of big, beauty eyes naturally requires long and thick eyelashes as a foil. Do you want to have an eyelash that suits you? Then let me know the difference between Y style lash and silk eyelash extension.

Features of Y style lash:

1. Air double tips, handmade weave, automatic rapid blooming.

2. Air Double Tips, The effect of grafting one root equals two, Hair tip naturally dense.

3. The different of Y shape weave blooming eyelash extension and regular eyelash extension.

The difference between Y style lash and silk eyelash extension

1. Silk eyelash extension and Y style lash are different in shape, and after grafting, the effect will be different.

2. The material used for Y style lash is relatively hard, while the material of silk eyelash extension is soft and delicate.

3. Y style lash are very thick, single eyelashes are more natural.

4. The Y style lash are neat and not easy to mess up, while the silk eyelash extension are more disordered and easy to mess up.

5. The time required for Y style lash grafting is short, while the grafting time of silk eyelash extension is longer, and it needs to be grafted one by one. No matter which lashes you choose, they can enhance the overall beauty or appearance of your eyes.