Features Of Eye Pad


Eyelash pad: pearl film impermeable, ideal type for professional eyelash extensions. Makes your work faster, cleaner, and perfectly supports lash extensions

Eyelash pad ingredients: Contains purified water, glycerin, aloe vera extract, hydrogel, etc. The gel collagen eye mask has MSDS certification to provide customers with a safe and comfortable experience, the gel is thicker and helps to brighten the eye skin, when the eyelashes are extended, it will not irritate the skin, no irritation, no strange smell

Eyelash pad multiple Uses: Not only can be used to extend eyelashes, perm eyelashes, eyelash tint, but also reduce dark circles, eye puffiness, increase eye skin elasticity, moisturize skin, suitable for makeup salons, cosmetic studios, makeup artists, professional use and personal use

Eyelash pad easy to use: about 3.1 inches (about 7.9 cm) in length and 1.1 inches (about 2.8 cm) in width, the special curved eye contour design fits most eyes, the special surface prevents movement while wearing, making false eyelashes easy, hassle-free, Great for most eyes, no trimming required

Eyelash pad packing: Individually packaged, Each pair of eye masks is packaged in a foil pouch, the pouch can help store each small packet of gel eye pads, ideal for professional eyelash technicians to carry and store