Why Use Eyelash Extension Cleanser?


Eyelash extension cleanser is used to deeply clean the eyelashes and around the eyes before and after grafting to remove eyelash grease and cosmetic residues. Prevents whitening and enhances the adhesion and maintenance time of the glue.
Features of Eyelash Extension Cleanser:
1.Remove grease.
2.Remove dust.
3.Tasteless and not irritating.
4.Increase firmness.
5.Prevent bacterial growth, grease secretion and clean dust.
6.The foam is not easy to disperse, and the nano-scale micro-bubble quickly dissolves the dirt and easily achieves the cleaning function.
Instructions of Eyelash Extension Cleanser:
Before Cleaning
Press the bottle mouth and squeeze out an appropriate amount of foam to the eye area.
Use the nano cotton swab to rub in the direction of the growth of the eyelashes.
After Cleaning
Wipe off the foam residue with a cotton pad, and then wipe it again with a damp cotton pad.