Ellipse Flat Lash Extension


Compared with other false eyelashes, the adhesion between ellipse flat lash extension and real eyelashes is higher, so the grafting effect is firmer and lasts longer.

Each eyelash has a natural bifurcation of about 2-3mm at the tip of the hair, and the bifurcation of the hair is very subtle. The effect can be seen after magnifying multiple times, and it is soft and natural after grafting. When grafting, classic lashes can be placed on top, below, left or right of real lashes, while ellipse flat lash extension can only be placed on top or below.

Flat lash extension are also known as ellipse or cashmere lashes. There are several benefits of ellipse flat lash extension, and they are perfect for use in a classic or hybrid lash extension set. They appear denser and more dramatic than a classic lash of the same weight. If a client wants dramatic lashes but can't tolerate the weight of regular lashes, ellipse flat lash extension are a must. Also, clients who have thin lashes can tolerate ellipse flat lash extension without any damage to their natural lashes.