Why Do Many People Use Flat Lashes?​


You've probably heard of oval flat eyelash extensions. It is also known as oval eyelash, split tip eyelash or cashmere eyelash. Oval flat eyelashes extend in a variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses. In addition, oval flat lashes are ideal for any eye and style, just like regular lashes. However, the basic difference between "single lashes" and "flat lashes" is fundamental. As you know, oval lashes are flat at the base. In other words, instead of traditional round lashes, flat lashes have flatter oval lashes, which makes the lashes themselves super soft and much lighter than regular lashes.

If you want to make your lashes look fuller without adding weight to natural lashes, flat lashes are the perfect choice. Generally, oval lashes are 75 percent thinner than single lashes. As a result, they weigh less than half as much as classic lashes, and this feature creates an eyeliner effect along the lash line by filling in and correcting the gaps between natural lashes. Therefore, flat lashes allow you to get a dramatic eyelash effect without compromising comfort or retention. In addition, since the eyelash base is flat, flat lashes can increase the retention of eyelash extension.

If the roots don't stick properly to the natural lashes, lashes are more likely to fall out after a few hours. This is why the wider base of oval flat lashes ensures that you blend well with natural lashes, as there is more surface area to allow lashes to extend over your lashes thanks to the unique flat base.

Another benefit of oval flat lashes is the tip of the lashes. Unlike other typical lashes, flat lashes have slightly forked ends to add final softness and create a fluffy look. Therefore, flat lashes are an easy option for those who want a dramatic effect but can't support the weight of regular lashes.

Flat lashes use has increased, using oval flat lashes for a dramatic look without adding weight to natural lashes.