What are Wispy Premade Fans?


Wispy Premade Fans are a Kim Kardashian-inspired eyelash extension (sometimes referred to as Kim Kardashian lashes) that has a fluffy look and distinct spikes. Because they provide a very natural look, they quickly became one of the most requested eyelash extensions.

There are 4 main wispy Premade Fans styles:

1. Classic wispy lashes

Classic wispy lashes are the slimmest and most natural of all. For classic wispy eyelash extensions, you only need to apply a single extension in a 1:1 ratio. The lengthening produces different spikes.

2. Hybrid wispy lashes

Hybrid wispy lashes blend classic bunchy lashes with fluffy bunchy lashes. They are perfect for customers who want a fluffy and dramatic look. For blending slim lash extensions, you will need to use a personal lash extension and a 2-6D fan. Individual extensions are used to create spikes, while fans are used to create density and volume between spikes.

3. Volume wispy lashes

Long, thick lashes are perfect for a more dramatic look. They're perfect for special occasions and for those who want to make a statement with feathery lashes. If you want thicker lashes, you'll need to use a 2-6D fan to increase the density between the tips. For spikes, use an enclosed fan.

4. Mega volume wispy lashes

Mega Volume Wispy Lashes are the most eye-catching of all slim lash styles. They're perfect for people who want to make a statement with lashes. If you want to grow eyelashes, you'll need to use some 2-6D fans, but most are large 7-12D fans. The 7-12D fan was used to create a more dramatic look. About eyelash advice: must respect the natural health of eyelash, do not be too bushy. The last thing you want is to ruin your natural lashes.

The key to extending the life of wispy lash extensions is to take good care of them. Treat them gently and avoid rubbing or pulling on them. Also, be sure to clean your eyelash line daily with an oil-free cleaner. This will help remove any dirt, makeup, or oil that can accumulate in the eyelash line and cause extensions to fall off prematurely.