How To Attract More Attention - False Eyelashes


In this era of appearance economy, women's awareness is growing and they have learned to focus on themselves and please themselves. Nowadays, with the explosion of "we media", more and more people choose to make beauty KOL, which provides good beauty products, correct makeup skills and ways to improve the appearance level for girls in front of mobile phones. With the help of our media platform, more people understand the meaning of makeup. Makeup can improve women's executive power, increase women's artistic cells, enhance women's creativity, let women learn to adjust the focus, so as to subtly increase women's confidence, make it better bloom.

The eye is the facial organ that absorbs the eyeball most.  A lot of girls will choose the beautiful pupil of all sorts of different styles when making up, or it is the eye shadow of all kinds will shop color, with a view to highlight the advantage of the eye, but ignore an important place -- eyelash.

"The length of eyelash decides the height of appearance level", although this sentence shows exaggeration slightly, but it is not difficult to see the importance of eyelash to appearance level, natural and full-bodied eyelash can give eye makeup not only add extra points, and still have the effect of bright eye. The boundary of element eye is the orbit of your original origin, drew eye shadow and eye line became eye line outside the edge and eye shadow outside the edge. But if the curl becomes warped dense eyelash, the boundary of the eye can become eyelash edge, have the effect of big eye naturally.

Therefore, after realizing the importance of eyelashes, false eyelash products and beauty eyelash products are being sought after by women.

False eyelash mainly includes two forms of self-adhesive false eyelash and self-grafting eyelash:

Warm sense self adhesive eyelash: no glue, no magnet, one second stick to wear, convenient and natural, but also can be used repeatedly, it is divided into natural and dense two styles, you can choose according to their actual needs. Temperature self-adhesive eyelashes are glued to the eyelid above the root of their own eyelashes, so their eyelashes are zero damage and zero requirements.

Since grafting eyelashes: fishtail, fairy A, fishtail sandwich, eyelashes and other styles. Eyelashes are natural and hand-sharpened, with strong air feeling and hard to distinguish between true and false. Can better resist dust, strong light and ultraviolet rays, protect eyes; It saves you the expense of going to the beauty salon to have your eyelashes grafted and the time to apply makeup.

False eyelash products use unique roll hot technology, roll degree just right. Grinding fine hair close to human hair, the stalk soft without foreign sense, once the market, has been loved by many people.