The False Eyelash Category Is On The Eve Of An Outbreak


After experiencing the silence of more than 10 years as long, false eyelash approaches new consumption tuyere eventually.

Recently, the beauty brand "Milen Diary Milan Diary" announced to obtain tens of millions of yuan of A round of financing, Mingrui Capital lead investment, Shengjing Jiacheng with investment. After the financing is completed, the amount obtained will be used for brand building and supply chain building channels of Milan Diary, and the offline store system will be further improved.

According to the information, Milan Diary is owned by Shenzhen Milan Biotechnology Co LTD and was founded in November 2020. Similar to most new consumer brands, Milan's day is a subdivision of the track out of the line of explosive products, the most famous "flash connect" false eyelashes in the first month of online sales of more than 100,000 boxes.

Soft magnet means that a soft magnet is embedded in the root of a false eyelash. The user needs to place two pieces of false eyelash above and below the original eyelash and wear them magnetically. Traditional false eyelashes are often glued, resulting in poor experience and long-term use of eye damage. Therefore, when soft magnetic eyelashes enter the market, it is rapidly welcomed by consumers.

On the manufacturing side, China has become one of the world's biggest producers of false eyelashes. According to local government data, by the end of 2020, the annual output value of pingdu's false eyelash industry accounted for 80% of the national market share and 70% of the global market share, respectively. There are nearly 5,000 companies related to false eyelashes, with an annual output value of about 7 billion yuan.