What are the styles of false eyelashes?


There is no doubt that in today's society, girls who can wear makeup can improve their combat effectiveness. How to choose the right false eyelashes is a problem that troubles many women. With the exception of Southeast Asia and South Asia, Asian women's eyelashes are mostly flat, thin, and soft. Eyes alone, jaws are surprisingly hard to put down. False eyelashes can be divided into exaggerated European style and sweet and lovely Japanese style. The characteristics of European and American false eyelashes are relatively concentrated, which is suitable for girls with prominent eye contours or who want to make stage effects. Most of Japan's false eyelashes are produced in Taiwan. The effect is naturally sweet. Suitable for oriental eyes.

What are the styles of false eyelashes?

Also, in East Asia, most women of Mongolian descent are still slim, without double eyelids, attractive but not sexy. (David Asher, Northern Exposure) In this case, most people don't wear makeup! Not to mention false eyelashes! Skin, cosmetics, false eyelashes are different in every country. European and American lash styles are large, long, and thick, with long middles and ends of the eyes.

In short, they have changed a lot. However, the three-dimensional face shape of Europeans is not sudden. It's weird on Asian faces. There are many eyelashes on the market now, so they are easy to wear, so no special grafting is required. It deserves the attention of beauty-loving girls. For example, pure red quantum magnetic eyelashes, eyeliner eyelashes, and glue-free false eyelashes eliminate the complexity of grafting, are easy to carry, and can be reused.

Price, noble and base are not the difference in quality. If you are more careless, flying knife cheap lashes are more suitable for you. Expensive eyelashes are also worth the investment if they belong in the foreground. If you want to buy art eyelashes, you must buy brand eyelashes. There is a flashy effect and no cheap impression.

Choose natural Japanese eyelashes in your daily life. For themed parties or gala dinners, consider exaggerated, artistic European lashes such as faux crystal or feathered lashes. Some limited edition false eyelashes can be used as party decoration or as a collection. It is also possible to create a new look with two different pairs of false eyelashes.

False Eyelashes

Be careful when using lashes. After removing make-up, wash the root of the eyelashes with a professional cleaning solution to keep the root of the eyelashes clean. At the same time, it is best not to wear false eyelashes all day. If your eyes are uncomfortable, stop using false eyelashes immediately and go to the hospital.