Have you ever tinted over extensions?


It is actually quite simple if you follow my steps. And when done correctly it doesn’t affect retention at all! Here are a few of my biggest tips: 

1) Apply your gel pad as close to the lash line as you can, but leave the lower lashes our. The beauty of this treatment is you can tint the lowers too. And clients *love*  this.

2) Press your tint all through the layers, making sure to press down into those exposed lower lashes to get everything saturated.

3) Only use lint-free disposables, to the don’t snag on your client’s extensions.

4) When removing tint, use *dry* lint-free wands first, to remove as much tint as possible. Then use damp pad to fully rinse. This is the most thorough, and safe way to remove tint.

5) Rinse as you’ve never rinsed before. I generally will use an entire rinse bottle of distilled water to do this.

6) Dry the eye area completely & apply a fresh gel pad.

7) Very important step-now get a dampened lint-free wand and go through the layers of lashes all the way at the follicle level to make sure there is zero tint residue.

8) That’s it! Touch up like normal, and see your clients swoon over their black & beautiful lashes!