Features of Flat Lash Extension


Features of Flat Lash Extension:

1. The ellipse flat eyelash extension is less weight of normal eyelash extensions and retains its curl for twice as long ,and comfortable to wear and easy to apply.


2. Cross section is flat (common eyelash eyelash of round cross section), more easily for eyelash grafting, and not easy to fall off.


3. Instead of being round, this lash type is flattened to look wider, yet weigh the same as a traditional eyelash extension type.

4. The matte ellipse flat eyelash extension is of matte deep black finish, which creates a full and glamorous look easily.

5. There are 2 tips on the rop of the lashes, making it softer than classic lashes, feeling like 0.07mm, also it can create the illusion of volume.