Wrong! Several Wrong Eyelash Grafting Methods!


Eyelash beauty, also known as grafted eyelashes, is to use classic lashes,Ellipse flat eyelash extension,Premade Volume Eyelash Extension,Y shape eyelash extension,Easy fan lashes to design clear and realistic eyelashes according to the eye shape, which can make women's eyes grow bigger and beautiful immediately. Everyone can have long and warped eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes one by one onto real eyelashes sounds very simple, but if you want to do a good job of beautiful eyelashes, It's really a university question~~
Let's take stock of the common wrong eyelash connection methods

Error 1: false eyelashes are too far from the root

Error 2: false eyelashes are grafted on small hairs

Error 3: one eyelash is grafted with too many false eyelashes

Error 4: stick multiple self eyelashes together and graft one or more false eyelashes

Error 5: false eyelashes are not grafted on their own eyelashes, but stick to the eyelids

Error 6: the grafted eyelashes are in the wrong direction

When grafting eyelashes, we should avoid the common mistakes above and use the correct eyelash grafting method, so that the grafted eyelashes will be more beautiful!