Eyelash Extension

Meteor Lashes is a professional Chinese eyelash extension manufacturer and Chinese eyelash extension supplier. Our eyelash extension products include classic eyelashes, ellipse flat eyelash extension, premade fans eyelash, Y shape eyelash extension, easy fan eyelash, etc. Support packaging box customization and private brand identification. As a professional manufacturer of ODM & OEM magnetic eyelash products, we have a history of more than 10 years. We appreciate your cooperation.
Eyelashes Extension are very soft, natural, high gloss, creating a perfect and charming appearance. Professional Eyelash Extension is just like your own eyelashes. Curling can last for a long time, and has obvious water resistance and no deformation. eyelash extension can be easily removed from the transfer belt. Paper strips can be easily removed from the principle. Premade eyelash extensions, ultra-light weight, superior curl retention with radiant jet-black shine. Eyelash extender is made of the highest quality Korean PBT fiber. 100% handmade by experienced workers.
All Eyelashes Extension adopt the most advanced manufacturing technology, which can last longer and create a more lasting makeup effect for you. Many large customers from Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan have benefited greatly from our products. It is our consistent purpose to provide all customers with high-quality Eyelashes Extension products with competitive prices.